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Design Information

Serial No. CNRJNN1505
Weight : 1.91g (est)
Metal : 14K , 18K , 22K ( White Gold, Rose Gold, Yellow Gold ) / PT
Product Size : 7 mm X 7 mm (est)
Neckline : 14K Pendant + Neckline (14K)

18K / 22K Pendant + Neckline (18K)
PT Pendant + Neckline (PT)
*Considering the characteristics of made-to-order products, weight of item may be different from the information written on the detail page.
Connerstone, pursuing trustworthy with customers, pays back the difference(more than 1g weight difference) in weight via Connerstone Points
(Within ±1g difference, Connerstone does not pay back for the difference).
*Items cannot be refunded or exchanged due to difference in Gold Weight or Band Width (Size).



Ston Information

Main Stone : 0.5 Ct. x 1 (Total 1)
Stone : Diamond / SWAROVSKI / CZ       shape : Round       Carat : 0.5 Ct.~       Color : G~       Transparency : SI2~

Serve Stone : 1.3 mm x 12 (Total 12)
Stone : Diamond / SWAROVSKI / CZ       shape : Round       Carat : 0.12 Ct.(Total)

*All of Connerstone Diamonds are diamonds certified by authorized agency like GIA or Wooshin.
0.8 mm ~ 8 mm size stones can be changed to CZ (Cubic Zirconia) or SWAROVSKI.
(For colored stones 0.8 mm ~ 2.9 mm size stones are changeable to CZ or SWAROVSKI.)
















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